Thursday, May 31, 2007

Selected Photos from the Road

Here are a few photos taken from the road during the last 2+ weeks:

The first 2 photos are ones Joan and I took of each other on a rest break, somewhere along the road between Livingston and Aliceville, AL, on May 17.

May 20, Columbus, Mississippi. Our friends Bonnie & Steve snapped photos of Jim, Mary Beth and the two of us, as we get ready to ride off as a foursome:

May 22, between Fulton, MS and Tishomingo State Park. Jim or Mary Beth snapped this one of us together:

Joan has just topped a really significant hill, and still has a smile on her face! May 27, on the way toward Waverly, Tennessee.

Mike, with the rolling hillsides of the Land Between the Lakes area as a backdrop. This was near the Tennessee - Kentucky border.


Nancy said...

You guys rock!! Thanks for the photos and so happy to see how great you are doing. Thinking of you often and wishing you continued safe travels.
Nancy and Bruce

Andy said...

Hello Mike and Joan, Wow! This is great and also very inspiring. It must be very cool to stop at all the different locations and talk to the local folks. If your route takes you close to Detroit on your way to Canada let me know and I can meet up with you guys. Take care, Andy S.

Mike said...

Yes, one of the best parts about this trip has been getting to really experience the local flavor and the people. Thanks for the offer to meet up with us. Unfortunately, the route doesn't go too close to Detroit though. We will go up diagonally NE across Ohio (past Columbus, near Cleveland), go thru Erie PA and cross over into Canada at Niagra Falls. Of course, you are welcome to meet us anywhere along that route you'd like! :)

Thanks again, and hope things are going well for you and the family. Joan says "Hi".