Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Photos: Accomodations

When we arrive at our destination for the day, we are lucky when we are in a place that has a motel. We don't require anything fancy, but a bed and a shower and proximity to a restaurant sure is a plus!

If the motel has laundry facilities on the premises, that is great, as we have to wash our clothes at least every other day. If the motel does not have laundry facilities, then we look for a laundromat in the town. This one is in Grove Hill, AL.

When we cannot make it to a town with a motel, then we look for campgrounds. Some are in interesting, pretty locations, like this one outside of Coffeeville, AL, on the banks of the Tombigbee River.

Some are in idyllic settings, like this one in Tishomingo State Park, in Mississippi.

And some are, shall we say, a bit make-shift, like this spot in Saltillo, MS.


Russell said...

Brilliant - continuing to enjoy your story .

Your tent under cover reminded of us of a night we had at Marthacville , MO and then again at Tebbits , MO . Both we think went under water less than a week after we were there with major flooding on the Missouri. You will know that Lewis and Clark descended the Ohio River from Pittsburg before even beginning their epic journey up the Missouri in 1804.

Keep plugging away and writing this fabulous journal. Good luck and well done. Hope we can get in touch on you return . George

Mike said...

I think I remember when all that flooding happened. Wow, what a difference a week makes.

I'd be happy if we could get in touch if either of us gets into the other's neck of the woods. Send me an email to when you get the chance, and we can trade contact info, ok? Thanks again for your interest and comments!