Thursday, June 7, 2007

Madison, Indiana & Plans for the Trip Home

Yesterday, we rode from Jeffersonville to Madison, Indiana. It was a 61 mile day. We are now at the 1046 mile point in the UGRR route (just about half way!!!). We have logged about 1170 total miles on the bikes since leaving Mobile.

We have chosen Madison as the location of our next rest day, and so are staying here today (Thu Jun 7). Before today, we had ridden 7 consecutive days, averaging about 55 miles per day in that time, and we decided it is time to rest the old legs for a day.

Yesterday's trip was good, although long. We just seemed to move more slowly than usual, but we accepted that as ok. We worked our way out of the Louisville area, still along the Indiana side of the river, and passed a huge shipbuilding complex as we rode. Very interesting. Then later in the day, we met two cyclists traveling in the opposite direction, southbound, on the UGRR trail. They are traveling the portion from Ohio to Tennessee, where they will veer off and head to their destination in Memphis. We encountered them in the middle of a hill, they going up, we going down, and we all stopped right there in the middle, stood on the side of the road, and had a very nice conversation. Fun to compare notes!

Once reaching Madison, we found it to be a fascinating, very historical place. Tremendous numbers of very old houses throughout the town, and a nice library where I am sitting now. This afternoon we will go to the visitors center and see what we can learn about the place.

I referred in a previous post to our tentative plan for this next week, which should get us back to Cincinnati. Tomorrow, we will cross the Ohio River back into Kentucky, and ride a fairly long day to Dry Ridge, KY, which is due south of Cincinnati. We will use Saturday and Sunday to cover the approximately 70 miles of pretty aggressive hills between Dry Ridge and Maysville, KY. We will camp somewhere in the middle on Saturday night, and stay in Maysville on Sunday, hopefully getting a chance to see something of this interesting town. Monday we will cross the Ohio River into the state of Ohio, and expect to get close to home, but not all the way home, by that evening. Will probably stay in Batavia. Tuesday would be a relatively short ride home.

That is the plan, all subject to change, of course. But with that laid out, we suddenly see more purpose in each day's destination. I think that this next phase will be interesting from that perspective.

Then, once we are home, then what? Well, to be honest, the decision is not fully made yet. We would both like to continue the trip on to Canada. But we are going to reserve a little time once we are home to check in on the real world and our real lives, and make the decision of whether to continue and if so, when, with some careful thought. We'll update this blog until we get to Cincinnati, and then again when we know the answer!

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